BCS Will Continue To Require Masks

BCS Families,

By now, you may have heard that with the passage of legislation from the General Assembly on Thursday, the decision to wear face-coverings in schools is the responsibility of each school district.  Like all decisions during this pandemic, many factors are considered. The driving force in all decisions is to do all we can to keep in person instruction moving forward.  Therefore, at this time, Bardstown City Schools will continue to require masks inside all of our buildings.

Continuing to require masks, during a time when our schools and community are still experiencing frequent positive cases, allows us to better navigate the complexity of contract tracing.   Like schools everywhere, staff at BCS expend a great deal of effort and resources to identify students or staff members who may have been exposed to a positive case. Wearing masks will reduce contact tracing efforts, allowing our staff to focus more on instruction. 

I understand that any decision made as a result of the pandemic can cause many different feelings and opinions.  We care deeply for our students and families and appreciate your continued support as we navigate the current situation.  We will continue to monitor our data closely and will communicate any updates to the mask requirement and other information when necessary.

Thank you all for working together to keep our kids in school. 

Dr. Ryan P. Clark
Bardstown City Schools