Bardstown Primary School serves grades Kindergarten, First and Second.

It is as simple as contacting the school office, or stopping in for a visit.  there are a few pieces of paper work that we need before we can enroll your child.  In accordance with state law and school policy we must have:
  1. Proof of residency (utility bill–water, gas, electric, cable).
  2. The original birth certificate (not the one from the hospital).
  3. A current copy of a Kentucky Immunization Certificate.
  4. A copy of a current physical exam.
  5. An eye exam report, completed by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist.
  6. A copy of a dental exam report.

See our enrollment page for a packet.

Doors open at 7:30 AM, breakfast is served from 7:30 AM-7:50 AM, students are tardy after 8:00 AM.  School dismisses at 2:35 PM

All students enrolled in school, regardless of age, are expected to be at school and prepared for school each day.  However, we are aware that circumstances such as illness may keep a child out of school.  Students are allowed 4 parent notes per semester to excuse absences. Notes must be received within three school days of the absence.  Please follow this link for our complete attendance policy.  Bardstown City Schools Attendance Policy

If your child will turn 5 by August 1, then your child can be enrolled in Kindergarten.  If you child will turn 6 by August 1, your child must be enrolled in school.

Call the school office, 331-8810 to let the school know.  If you have a note (parent or doctor) please bring or send in to school with three days of the absence.

Please notify the school office, or your child’s teacher, in writing of any changes.  For the safety of our students, we will not accept a child’s word in regard to bus/transportation changes.  BPS understands that all transportation changes are not planned.  In the event of an emergency, please call the office before 1:30 to inform of changes.  To make a change over the phone, please be prepared to provide the student’s identification number.  Please try to keep your young child’s transportation means as consistent as possible.  Our Kindergarteners, First and Second graders can get easily confused as to how they are supposed to get home if that changes from day to day.

Call the school office, 331-8810.  The office can only connect you through to the teacher’s room during their plan time.  You can also e-mail your child’s teacher.  Each teacher’s e-mail follows this format:  firstname.lastname@bardstown.kyschools.us.

Adults:  Breakfast–$1.60, Lunch–$3.10

Students:  Breakfast–free, Lunch–free

Lunch times vary beginning at 11:00 AM and ending at 12:45 PM.

Please notify the school nurse and your child’s teacher. 

BPS is very fortunate to have a full time guidance counselor, Danielle Cravens, at school each day.  Mrs. Cravens works with students in group settings and individually, depending on the student need.  She has helped students deal with divorce, death, bullying, homelessness, and depression.  You can reach Mrs. Cravens by calling the main office, at 331-8810.
Bardstown Primary School also has the benefit of working very closely with Communicare and ASTRA Behavioral Health.  Our partnerships afford us the opportunity of have an on-site child therapist here at school each day.  You can learn more about these services through Mrs. Danielle Cravens, or through our Family Resource Director, Catherine Jean-Baptiste.

Bardstown Primary School loves to celebrate….however, we want to do so in a healthy manner.  Treats can be brought to school in celebration of events.  It is preferred that teachers allow only one day per month to celebrate (please contact your child’s teacher to see what day he/she has reserved for such celebrations).  Treats must be store bought, and individually packaged (not loose and in contact with each other).  Healthy alternatives to cupcakes include; granola bars, fruit, veggies, cheese and crackers, pretzels, fruit gummies.