Kelsey Monin helps a student walk into school

Bardstown Primary A.M. Student Drop-off

BPS has two areas where students can be dropped off each morning, with adults opening doors and helping students out of vehicles. Please note that secondary area opens after buses have completed dropping students off.

  • 7:00-7:45 – Front of building
  • 7:30-7:45 – Bus porch, side of building, after buses are complete

A few important things to know:

  • All cars wishing to join the morning drop off line should enter using the Pennsylvania/Frost Avenue Entrance to campus (back entrance near Little Angels Day Care).
  • Buses are on campus from 7:15-7:35 AM. There will be heavy traffic during bus drop offs.
  • During heavy traffic times, cars may only use the Templin Avenue Entrance to park for front door drop offs. Do not enter from Templin Avenue to join the car drop off line.If you enter from the Templin Avenue Entrance, you will have to travel toward Pennsylvania Avenue until you can fall behind the cars already in the drop off line facing the front entrance. This allows traffic to flow more smoothly on Templin Ave. It is not safe for the other cars, buses, or staff to make U-turns into the car drop off line.

Some additional ways to help increase the speed and efficiency of our morning drop-off include

  1. Make sure students have backpacks, lunch boxes, coats, etc. ready when you pull to the drop off location.
  2. Have students sitting on the right side of the car if possible.
  3. Pay close attention to traffic; when the front valet is full, continue to the side or back of the building to keep traffic moving.
  4. Parents who are walking into school with students please park in the side parking lot by the gym/cafeteria. This keeps valet traffic flowing and keeps pedestrians safe. (Note: If you park your vehicle to let students out, you must escort them to the door. Do not let students walk across parking lot without a parent)

Please be willing to use additional drop-off spots when traffic is heavy. We promise we are going to take care of your children—regardless of where they are dropped off…we love them!

AM Drop Off Map

Bardstown Primary P.M. Valet Procedure

  • Enter the valet line using the back entrance at Pennsylvania/Frost Avenues
  • Always drive slowly and cautiously on our school campus at all times. 
  • You must display your child’s provided car tag for pick up. If you lose your tag you must request a new one. Numbers should be clearly displayed during valet.
  • Please pull up as close as you can to the car in front of you. Do not leave large gaps between cars. This allows us to line up about 100 cars on campus.
  • Always allow space for buses to enter the school bus lane. Valet will not begin until all buses pick up all BPS students.
  • Valet numbers are written down in the order of the line. These numbers are reported and students are lined up according to your position in line. Student loading will begin at approximately 2:40 PM. We provide valet service to about 140 cars per day in 15 minutes.
  • While in the line outside of our campus, please do not block the driveways and entryways for local businesses on Pennsylvania and Frost Avenues (like Little Angels)
  • When you stop at your child’s pick up spot, please put your vehicle in park.
  • Do not exit your car. We will open the vehicle and assist your student.
  • If you need to help them buckle, please pull into a parking spot. This will allow the line to continue. 
  • You must join the valet line by 2:45 PM each day. Your timely arrival allows our staff to finish their day and prepare for the next.
PM Valet Map