Returning to School for 2021-2022

BCS Families,

We know how critical it is for children to be back in an in-person school setting, interacting with teachers through face-to-face instruction and collaborating with their peers. When children are physically present in our buildings they feel so much more connected to their school and what they are learning.  Students also have access to vital school-supported resources such as school meal programs, special education and related services, counseling, and extracurricular programs.  That’s why our goal for this school year is to create a welcoming environment for students to return to while providing effective safeguards to protect the health and safety of our students and staff to the greatest extent possible. 

Here are a few things you should know about this upcoming school year:

  • Masks will only be required on school bus transportation in accordance with the CDC’s public health order. At this time, all other mask wearing will be an individual, personal choice for both students and staff at all school functions unless directly ordered by Gubernatorial or Presidential Executive Order, the Kentucky Department of Public Health, the Kentucky Department of Education or local Health Department. It is strongly recommended that unvaccinated individuals wear masks when around others. BCS fully supports our families and students who choose to wear a mask and will continue to make masks available at schools.
  • Community health and school level data will continue to be monitored and decisions to require mask-wearing or other mitigation strategies will be adjusted accordingly. BCS administrators will consult with local health professionals and the Lincoln Trail Health Department regarding local trends.
  • Contact Tracing protocols will remain in place at all schools.  Individuals that meet close contact criteria and are not vaccinated will require quarantine. In accordance with the CDC’s recommendation vaccinated individuals will not be required to quarantine in the event of a positive contact. 
  • Cleaning and sanitizing measures outlined by the CDC and Lincoln Trail Health Department will continue to be implemented. These measures include encouraging frequent hand-washing and hygiene practices as well as maintaining hand sanitizer stations.  Classrooms, busses and cafeterias will also have access to sanitizing supplies that will be used regularly to clean high touch areas.
  • It is essential that our parents and guardians continue to monitor and screen children for COVID symptoms before allowing them to attend school. The Healthy Kids Clinic located at Bardstown Elementary School can administer COVID tests and the Pfizer vaccine for any individual over the age of 12. For more information or an appointment call 1-844-435-0900.

Our campus is ready for an amazing school year and with the continued support of our families we can successfully return to full in-person learning.  I cannot wait to see our K-12 students back on campus August 3 and our preschoolers beginning August 6.

Dr. Ryan P. Clark

Bardstown City Schools